Price Tracking

Make post-booking price drops work for you



Help ensure your travelers automatically get the best airfares and hotel rates available—even after they book

Price Tracking stretches your travel budget and creates more value for your program.


Working behind the scenes 24/7, Price Tracking gives you an easy, hassle-free way to achieve incremental savings on already booked airline tickets and hotel reservations.


The premise is simple:

  • Price Tracking’s software finds a cheaper airfare or hotel room rate after booking.
  • CWT rebooks the reservation at the lower rate.
  • You save money. 


Why you need Price Tracking


Turnkey global solution



Save up to 2% of air and hotel spending



No impact to travelers’ plans or experiences



Enhances your travel program



People are talking about Price Tracking


“It’s a no-brainer.
Price Tracking drives savings with little to no disruption to our travelers.”




“I know that fares change on a regular basis, and we wanted to figure out a way to act on the savings. Price Tracking came along at just the right time.”


“We saw almost immediate savings, and the rules we set helped ensure the right fit for our travelers.”