CWT 3.0

Our strategy for continued success

Through the perfect blend of people and technology, we deliver the most seamless, personalized and integrated experiences.


So why 3.0?

• Way back in the days of paper tickets and green-screen technology, CWT led the way in personal service — let’s call it CWT 1.0 — it was all about people.

• The internet changed the way we travel and the way we worked. CWT 2.0 evolved with advances in technology and services.

• Consumers became accustomed to a new level of convenience and personalization in personal travel and their daily lives. 

• CWT 3.0 is about delivering seamless experiences through people AND technology that bridge individual wants and corporate needs.



What will CWT 3.0 do for you?
1. Deliver consumer-grade
traveler experiences.
2. Optimize your travel program.
3. Bring you smart innovations.