Welcome to the dedicated web page CWT has created to give you insights into the significant steps we’ve made toward making travel easier for you and your travelers.


Over the past few months, we’ve moved even closer to fully delivering the consumer-grade digital experiences your travelers expect. CWT clients like you are getting even more visibility and control to manage your travel program. And, as always, there’s a splash of new exciting new content, special savings and expanded markets to help you increase consistency and travel policy compliance. 


Read below for an update on our recent activity and join our webinar to learn more about our plans for the future.




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Make travel easier

We’re taking a giant step forward in delivering a consumer-grade online experience for travelers, and we’re delivering more hotel content and booking options to their fingertips:


  • We’re upgrading travelers’ portal experience to a new, consumer-grade website we’re calling myCWT.

  • myCWT has a fresh, modern look and new capabilities for companies to customize content with ease.

  • Your travelers and arrangers will still get instant access to their OBT, their profile and company news and links.

  • Travelers can also quickly access their trips—past, present and future—with a new “View Trips” section or quickly book a hotel via myCWT.

  • myCWT works well on all devices—computer, tablet and mobile.


  • We’ve expanded mobile hotel booking on CWT To Go to six new Eastern European markets—Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

  • Travelers can now use CWT To Go to book a hotel in 30 countries.

  • Look for CWT to continue expansion of mobile hotel booking, and enable flight booking across multiple markets in early 2018.


  • Your travelers don’t need to shop around to find the right hotel, we’ve done the work for them!

  • CWT has just added another 126K hotels—34K of which are unique to CWT—from an aggregator. We’ve expanded access to the full breadth of hotel content to more countries, GDSs and OBTs and enabled apartment and non-traditional hotel properties within our booking channels.

  • CWT has increased hotel content globally by 119% since Q1 2016. And, regular audits show that we meet or beat the best rates 95% of the time, with rates that are available 97% of the time*. 
*Analysis of a sample set of hotel room night rate audits by RateGain, a third party firm contracted by CWT. Their audits are performed monthly with two mid-week stay dates that are two weeks apart. 

Sample of 24k properties contracted by CWT in 2016 and 10k in 2017 contracted by CWT and rotated monthly





We want to help you impress your company! We’re working to always improve your experience as a CWT client, so you can deliver measurable success to your company.



  • The latest release of CWT AnalytIQs gives you an at-a-glance overview of your hotel spend and trends via Hotel IQ.

  • We’ve improved CO2 reporting with a more current data source (DEFRA) and restructured parameters to align with industry norms.

  • We’ve added same flight reporting to CWT AnalytIQs, so you can use this easy, intuitive interface to gather this time-sensitive information.

  • We’ve created new Travel Scorecards to help you share important travel data with non-travel budget leaders at your company and help you drive changes.


  • We know you want us to gather all the hotel content out there into all your travel program’s booking channels—universal distribution is our goal and yours.

  • We’re moving closer to that goal with the new aggregator content we’ve added and new integration with Cytric OBT.

  • We’ve expanded full content for travel counselors to Czech Republic, Egypt and Hungary on our march to doing so for all CWT wholly-owned countries soon.

  • We’ve more than doubled the hotel content available since Q1 2016, and 24% of our hotel rates are exclusive to CWT.


  • We’re expanding access to virtual payment options, both geographically and by booking channel. Virtual payment options grow for CWT To Go users in the U.K., U.S., Netherlands and Brazil initially, with more markets planned in 2017.

  • CWT’s updated pre-trip approval solution allows you to specify which trips require approval, then facilitates easy decision-making for approvers from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • CWT is the first global corporate meetings & events provider to include an integrated safety and security offering, powered by International SOS. These services can help you reduce risk while better preparing travelers and lowering costs.





Our progress continues!

In the months ahead, we’re working on:
  • Significant expansion of travel management tools
    • More CWT Program Messenger countries
    • Security by hierarchy in CWT AnalytIQs.
  • Continued focus on hotel content
    • Integration with GetThere.
    • More content sources
  • More integration for a seamless travel management experience
    • CWT Program Messenger in CWT AnalytIQs
    • Hotel attachment KPIs in CWT AnalytIQs
    • Hotel reviews available to travel counselors





Want a glimpse of what we’ll deliver a little farther down the road?
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