CWT Helps Clients Understand their Travel & Expense Spending Patterns

New white paper offers framework for strategic travel and expense analysis

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) today launched a new strategic framework, the T&E Decision Tree, designed to help clients understand and analyze their travel and expense (T&E) spend.


For many companies, T&E spending is a significant expense, so controlling T&E costs is critical to the health of a business. However, the sheer volume of related data makes it challenging to process, manage and interpret.


Catalin Ciobanu, senior director, Data & Analytics, CWT Solutions Group, said, “The T&E Decision Tree takes the different analyses companies are today doing on an ad-hoc basis and brings them together into one single picture. Looking at several categories simultaneously helps travel and finance managers decide what needs to be improved, in which order.”


The T&E Decision Tree simplifies the task by providing an immediate view of the ways a company could reduce spend. It uses algorithms to turn expense and TMC data into patterns based on three simple questions – whathowand why services and products are purchased. The spend categories are:

  • Travel management company (TMC)-booked services, including air, hotel and car;
  • Extra expenses, such as air ancillary fees or car rental GPS navigation charges;
  • Off-channel reservations not using the TMC;
  • Auxiliary spending, such as meals, taxi or parking;
  • And non-trip spending, including office supplies or short-range travel using personal cars or in-city transportation.


As well as providing a strategic view of overall T&E spending, the framework is flexible enough to handle new subcategories of spending as required. Once companies have identified the areas that need attention, they can use the T&E Decision Tree to:

  • Align T&E spending with business objectives;
  • Use the total cost of the trip in making travel decisions;
  • Reduce non-trip, auxiliary or extra spending;
  • And improve traveler compliance.


The T&E Decision Tree white paper is available at  

Notes to editors

For this study, CWT have used a sample of 300,000 transactions from several clients. For each transaction, the four-level classification algorithms were successively applied. While the figures and results contained in this report are based on a real sample of corporate data, they are meant to be illustrative. They help simulate how T&E Decision Tree works and what output it produces. Every client spending profile naturally yields different results and thus different actions required for T&E optimization.

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