Stricter security standards in French rail traffic

In order to increase safety on rail travel, more stringent safety precautions have been taken in France.


a) In all trains running within, to and from France, luggage must be labeled. How the labeling has to look like is not mandatory, for example a suitcase tag can be used. However, it is important that it mentions at least the first and last name of the traveler. If the label is missing, a fine will be imposed on the train. The rule does not apply to personal hand luggage. Further information and a luggage tag for download are available on the Deutsche Bahn website.


b) The French railway company SNCF is planning to establish platform barriers at up to 14 railways stations during the year. Pilot is the train station Paris-Montparnasse – the barriers are already being tested and only passengers with valid tickets can reach the tracks. A barcode that is printed on the ticket is the requirement to pass the gate. If the barcode is not readable or missing, contact the SNCF service staff on site.