CWT AnalytIQs now with extended business travel reporting and new features

With CWT AnalytIQs, you as a travel manager receive just the information you need to steer your travel program in the right direction. The reporting tool goes beyond mere data evaluation to give you analyses, forecasts and recommendations for action – quickly and easily in an intuitive interface.


The new extended features offer added advantages, including the following updates:


Hotel spend at a glance
The window “Hotel IQ” shows you expenditures for stays at the most popular hotels and cities in your travel program. You can then identify potential savings and make the most out of your hotel program.


CO2 emissions report
Environmental awareness and sustainability are gaining in importance. Many companies are therefore introducing guidelines for measuring and/or controlling their carbon footprint. The CO2 emissions report supplies valuable information on the environmental effects of your employees’ travel.


Same Flight Reporting
Using this new feature, travel managers can find out whether more than a certain number of employees are booked on the same flight. This helps to better meet travel policy requirements and take corresponding safety measures up to a year in advance.