CWT Leisure: A banner year for the bicycle!

On 12 June 1817, Karl Drais rode his “draisine” for the first time through Mannheim, a “running machine” from which the bicycle would be developed. Today – just 200 years later – the bicycle is the most common means of transportation worldwide. To celebrate its anniversary, many events will be taking place in Mannheim and throughout Baden-Württemberg that you won’t want to miss.


Many people use their bicycles every day, whether with or without electric motor, on the way to work or for short excursions or bicycle tours, and a few adventurous souls even travel the world by bike.


Cycling trips are becoming increasingly popular among active holidaymakers of all ages, and there is naturally no need to circle the globe. Classics such as the Danube Cycle Path, the Altmühl Valley Panorama Trail, or an island tour of Mallorca are attracting more and more cyclists.


The advantages are clear: On a bike, you’re right in the midst of things rather than a distant bystander! You can drink in the atmosphere more directly as the sights pass by at a moderate pace, and also explore spots that are inaccessible by car or especially by bus, meeting people you’d never encounter on a classic tour.


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