Business travel tip: The emerging Baltic States

The three Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania offer cultural diversity, lively cities, culinary delights, and exciting (hi)stories. Economically, they have overcome the financial crisis of 2008 and are now all part of the Eurozone.


Estonia, for example, is seen today as a pioneer in digitalization and paperless administration: the parliament can be selected online, tax declarations are filed online, and for foreign companies the entry into a location-independent business life is made possible via an "e-residency”.


Leisure tips for your business travel:


One third of the Estonian population lives in the smallest capital of the Baltics. Here tradition meets modernity. Historical sites can be easily explored by foot: the late-medieval old town, the Soviet satellite district Mustamäe and the wooden houses of Kalamaja. The digital start-up scene of the city on the other hand connects Tallinn with the world. Interested visitors can get a glimpse of the work of great entrepreneurs on a three hour tour visiting co-working spaces and even having a coffee in the headquarter of a famous local start-up company.


Restaurant tips:


The curved ash-wood facade of the restaurant depicts the harmony of tradition and modernity. The locality is divided into the Noa Restaurant and the more exclusive Noa Chef's Hall. Both offer international cuisine with Estonian accents. Particularly famous is the black rye bread and salt butter.


Restoran Ö
How about trout, buckwheat porridge and smoked sour cream? Or sorrel, rhubarb and green spruce shoots? Local ingredients are here prepared in very innovative ways. The young kitchen team of the Ö restaurant is said to have very good connections to the fishermen, hunters and collectors of the Estonian forests and moors. A visit is well worth it.


Source: CWT Connect Magazin, Ausgabe 02/2017.