RoomIt by CWT offers a wider variety of hotels for business travelers

The introduction of RoomIt by CWT™ as a new business division for the hotel industry not only allows customers to choose from a wider variety of hotels worldwide but also facilitates the booking process by providing a bundled overview of all the relevant accommodation options.


RoomIt was designed to meet the constantly changing needs of customers on a more functional and individual level. Business travelers expect an adequate number of options to help them find a suitable hotel within the price range specified by their company’s travel policy. For this purpose, RoomIt offers a new and innovative booking experience.


Future offers by RoomIt will comprise:

  • A hotel booking engine that can be operated intuitively
  • Travel services for companies of any size
  • Improved search and booking applications for accommodations
  • Travel management tools for tracking, reporting, and payment
  • Access to loyalty programs


As a result of the cooperation with the Expedia brand “Expedia Affiliate Network” (EAN), both RoomIt and CWT customers have access to 197,000 additional accommodations worldwide.


EAN’s offer will be globally available offline, as well as via the app “CWT To Go”, the RoomIt online booking engine, and the other major online booking engines. The content of the offers will be consistent for users across all channels.


The operating principle behind RoomIt is demonstrated in this informative graphic.