CWT Leisure: inspiration for the travel year 2018

December is the perfect time to pause for a while and make your travel plans for the coming year. The offers are already out, and there are plenty of ideas and inspiration to be found in magazines and TV shows. So now is the ideal time to put together your own personal “bucket list.”


In 2018, there are once again lots of interesting spots on this beautiful globe waiting to be discovered. Just recently, the German edition of the magazine lonely planet traveller published a list of “The best trips for 2018.” Destinations such as South Africa, Belfast, and Seville made the top 10 in their respective categories.


And Namibia, with its magnificent desert landscapes, the fascinating culture of the Himba, its wild Skeleton Coast, and its German past with Black Forest kirsch liqueur and beer brewed according to the German purity law is also among the most popular remote destinations for 2018. Here we have put together Namibia trip just for you.


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Now it's time to get inspired, let CWT Leisure book a trip for you, and start packing your bags!


Happy holidays and an exciting new year of travel in 2018 from your CWT Leisure Team!


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