Back in the office as a team

Action, fun and creativity – team building can work wonders if done in the right way. There is a huge variety of programs available, from sweat-inducing to solution-oriented. It is important to find the right one for your individual group. This is where the experts at CWT Meetings & Events come in.


Employees get to know their colleagues automatically in any company. They see each other at meetings and fall into conversation. Members of staff from marketing suddenly find themselves sitting next to people from sales in the lunchroom. And regular birthday celebrations offer an ideal opportunity to cultivate existing contacts and forge new ones. Picking people randomly may be one good way of building a team. But choosing specific team members can also strengthen cohesion between employees. Diverse activities under the label of team building are now part of personnel development in many companies. And new ones are constantly being developed. There is hardly any area of sports, culture or cuisine that has not been discovered as a team-building exercise. That also means there are more options now for strengthening or motivating the team than the often cringe-worthy events employees used to be submitted to.


From tranquil to active

Organized outings with dinner and talks can help employees to bond. But a team-building event that has been carefully considered and planned focuses on activities for groups of different sizes and compositions in a special setting as part of a conscious break from everyday work. Even the invitation to an exceptional event such as this can create esteem. Depending on the available time and budget, activities can last a few hours, the whole day or longer, be calm or exciting, and take place with or without management. Away from their usual duties and under professional guidance, it is easier to form new teams and bring together old ones more efficiently. The result is more cooperation, communication and creativity.


We have ideas and recommendations for all kinds of activities, from social projects to survival training, and would be delighted to support you:


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