Aeroflot has introduced Russian onboard menu

Passengers can order the special menu at no additional cost up to 36 hours prior to departure.


The new menu will be available on Aeroflot direct flights departing from Moscow. For business class passengers, it is available on flights of any duration, for economy class passengers, on flights lasting more than 3 hours.


Passengers ordering the special menu in business class will be able to taste Assorted Siberian Fish or Chekhov’s Mushrooms for starters, followed by Slice of Sturgeon with Potatoes in mustard sauce or Smolensk Porridge with Stewed Beef in a port wine jus. Depending on the duration of the flight and the class of travel, for dessert passengers will enjoy a choice of Tula honey-cake, ice cream or baked apples with cranberries.


The 17 special meal options currently available on board Aeroflot flights include several vegetarian choices, as well as options to suit a variety of age, medical and religious requirements.