The new CWT Program Messenger is now even
easier to use

From spring 2018, the messaging platform CWT Program Messenger will be available with extended functions and integration into CWT AnalytIQs. Here are some of the improved features:


  • Thanks to the new user interface and message library, CWT Program Messenger is even more intuitive and easy to use, saving you precious time.
  • You can access the Messenger directly via CWT AnalytIQs, our popular real-time reporting tool.
  • We have made some changes behind the scenes to extend product availability over the course of the year to other countries to offer you one solution across multiple markets.


New message library
Existing messages will be transferred to the new platform to guarantee a seamless transition. In addition, the new message library facilitates communication with your travelers: It includes pre-formulated texts that make it easier to write and adapt messages so that you can communicate directly with your travelers. Sample messages cover standard topics like implementing the travel policy, information about the destination, traveler satisfaction, supplier management and travel costs.


It is now easy to create messages in the message library:

  • Activate and use pre-formulated messages without any problems.
  • Use a pre-formulated text and adapt it to your needs to make your messages more personal.
  • If you want to create entirely new messages, the tool will guide you through the individual steps.