RoomIt by CWT rewards travelers for booking within their corporate travel program

The free campaign Loyalty Booster by RoomIt by CWT, the hotel distribution division of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, rewards travelers with additional points, while also increasing hotel attachment rates and compliance with their company’s travel policy.


The program allows travel managers to partner with CWT to run promotional campaigns where travelers are incentivized with either points or miles for booking within their corporate travel program. In testing mode with several clients, the RoomIt Loyalty Booster program delivered a 12% higher compliance rate during campaigns (typically 60-90 days in length). Additionally, the program often achieved continued compliance with compliant bookings increasing of 3% after campaigns concluded.


Advantages for Travelers
Travelers want and expect loyalty benefits when they travel and are often enticed to go outside their corporate travel policy to get them. With Loyalty Booster, travelers will enjoy access to additional points or miles that are carefully targeted for their needs within CWT channels. Additionally, all the offers presented will be in line with corporate travel policies, so travelers will be able to get loyalty benefits without worry.


Advantages for Travel Managers
By motivating travelers to book within the corporate travel framework, travel program managers will increase corporate travel policy compliance within their negotiated travel parameters at no additional cost. This increased compliance rate improves reporting and tracking measures for travel managers.