Smart hotel bookings make travel even safer

Most people associate safe travel with the journey itself. But overnight stays in hotels should also be included in a company’s safety concept. We offer useful tips and ideas to ensure that your employees remain safe at every stage of their business trip.

The first step is to make sure that your travel managers and business travelers book not only their flights and other transport via the preferred booking channel, but also their hotel stays. This ensures that they comply with the travel policy and means that you can contact your travelers more quickly in an emergency.

Here are some further measures:

  • Subscribe to appropriate notification services to receive alerts. That way you can make sure you are informed about all important incidents.
  • Allow your travelers to use your business travel agency’s 24-hour service and make sure they know what advantages this offers.
  • Provide your employees with a mobile travel app, such as CWT To Go®. This will enable them to book hotels at short notice and contact their travel consultant quickly if need be.
  • Check whether the booked hotels meet your safety standards.
  • Make sure that important travel alerts are communicated automatically using a messaging system, such as CWT Program Messenger.
  • Advise your travelers to take a copy of their travel documents with them. This makes it much less stressful if they get lost or stolen.
  • Work with a provider of medical and emergency support services.

Basically, the more you know about where your travelers are, the better you can ensure their safety. RoomIt by CWT is an ideal solution to make hotel bookings not only more convenient, but also safer. Besides integrating booking and invoicing tools, it also keeps tabs on where your travelers are.

Our tips for safe travel are also available in a clear infographic.
Download here.

Photo by Bill Anastas on Unsplash