Inside the airport: Düsseldorf

Superfoods, airport shopping and straightforward transfers: Airports have all kinds of exclusive services for business travelers. Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Vienna in particular have plenty to offer to make business travel more pleasant. In the past two issues, we presented special features for business travelers at Munich Airport and Frankfurt Airport. Today, we take a look at Düsseldorf Airport with culinary highlights and stress-free transfers.

Uncomplicated transfers
All three gates at Düsseldorf Airport are connected via transfer levels, saving travelers time. This has the advantage that passengers who need to change gate can get from one to the other without any hassle. If you have a connecting flight, you no longer have to leave the security zone, eliminating the need for additional checks.

Shop and have your purchases delivered home
If your shopping won’t fit into your briefcase or you don’t need it on your travels, you can have it sent home free of charge within Germany. Several shops both in the security zone and in the public area offer this service.

Health services
At Düsseldorf Airport, passengers can have their teeth cleaned or get a quick dental check before or after their flight. Because business travelers often have a tight schedule and are frequently on the road for extensive lengths of time, it is sometimes difficult to arrange an appointment with a doctor. The dental practice at the airport is open until 10 pm as well as at weekends and on public holidays (Airport Arcades).

Working at the airport
The conference center DUSConference Plus is located centrally in the terminal at Düsseldorf Airport. Workstations are available for business travelers, away from the bustle of the airport. There are also “think tank” rooms for creative meetings. Wi-Fi, coffee and printers are provided.

Culinary treats for all tastes
Stay fit while you travel with light and healthy, meat-free cuisine from the Vegetarian Island in the Marché Restaurant (Gate C). Choose from vegetable dishes, lentils, quinoa, fruit, superfoods and different toppings you can put together yourself. Bienvenu à petit Paris: A hint of French cuisine wafts through the shopping area at Düsseldorf Airport at Épi, where fragrant croissants, savory quiches and delicious baguettes can be bought (departure level, public area). More rustic fare is served at Hausmann‘s by TV chef Tim Mälzer and Patrick Rüther, with knuckles of pork, Schnitzels or Düsseldorf mustard roast joints (Gate A).

Take it easy
British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has not only made it into countless German kitchens, but has now also opened a restaurant, Jamie‘s Deli, at Düsseldorf Airport. Guests can enjoy snacks and drinks as well as proper meals for longer stays at the airport: oven-fresh pizzas, healthy salads, and a selection of ciabatta sandwiches. Take it easy!

Source: CWT Connect Magazine 01/2018, Kirsten Lehmkuhl