CWT AnalytIQs with new, useful features

Traveler tracking by cluster: This feature allows users to place several – or a cluster of – markers on the traveler tracking map to identify travelers more easily in a geographic region (and not just in a specific city or location).

“Schedule once” reporting: If you only need certain reports once, the new “schedule once” feature might be helpful. Previously, users had to generate a daily report even for one-time events, which was very time-consuming. Now you can simply click on “schedule once” and the report is generated once in the background while you get on with your work. You are notified as soon as the report is ready.

“Export now” feature: This allows you to export the report directly to .csv format as well as giving you the option of generating a report online. If you’re sure about your query, you no longer have to wait for the online report before exporting the data. “Export now” saves time while still allowing you to review the report’s content online.