Inside the Airport: Hamburg

This is the fourth part of our mini-series about airports: Like the airports presented in previous issues (Munich, Frankfurt und Düsseldorf) Hamburg has plenty of services to make your business trip more comfortable. Outstanding features of this northern airport with a Hanseatic flair include new working areas and a unique art gallery.

Airport app keeps you up-to-date
The free airport app “Passngr” provides up-to-date flight details for Hamburg Airport, information on getting there conveniently, layout plans, services, and much more. It also helps you to find restaurants and shops with interesting products. Travelers arriving by car can use “Passngr” to reserve a parking space online. The mobile guide is a joint project and is currently available to passengers at the airports in Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Münster-Osnabrück, with more to follow (

Working at the airport
On the stylish Upper Deck, which is open to all passengers, business travelers can spend the time before their flight takes off in park-like surroundings with a Hanseatic flair. The new area features plenty of green, fresh colors, modern seating and a covered terrace (see photo) with comfortable deckchairs – the “Hummelstuhl” that are a familiar sight in Hamburg’s parks. Notebooks, tablets and cell phones can be recharged at the many wall outlets or USB connections (security area at Gate A17).

Culinary hotspots: from salads to pasta
Marché Restaurant treats passengers to freshly prepared juices, salads, soups and homemade pasta. Baguettes are even made to order. Guests can also choose their favorite toppings on their pizza before it is baked in the stone oven (Terminal 2).

Dry cleaner’s at the airport
Just hand in your business suit at Zwo24 Textilpflege before you take off and pick it up when you land again! “Zwo” (German for “two”) is your guarantee for fast cleaning in two hours, “24” refers to the round-the-clock service: If you arrive late, you can hand in your washing at the machine and get it back first thing in the morning. For personal service, the dry cleaner’s is open from Mon.-Fri. 8 am to 8 pm, Sat. 10 am to 4 pm (Terminal 1, Level 0).

Perfect for art lovers
Hamburg Airport is the only German airport with its own art exhibition called Arte Gallery. Works by national and international artists are presented on 130 square meters of exhibition space – and can be purchased for between 99 and 10,000 euros. If you wish, the masterpieces can also be delivered to your home (Airport Plaza).

The last part of this series on Vienna Airport is coming soon.

Source: CWT Connect Magazine 01/2018, Kirsten Lehmkuhl. Photo: Hamburg Airport