Be careful taking powder in your hand luggage! The US has stepped up controls

Since the end of June, the new “Powder Rule” has been enforced by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Powdered products weighing 350 ml or more in carry-on luggage will be subject to extra screening on all flights to the US. Any powder that cannot be verified will be confiscated. American airlines therefore recommend checking in spices, protein blends or cosmetics in powdered form weighing more than 350 milliliters with their luggage. According to the US news channel CNN, the measure was triggered by a thwarted attack on a plane. Overall, increasingly sophisticated explosives in powder form are a growing threat, according to a TSA speaker.

Other countries such as Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand also plan to restrict the amount of powder on board.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash