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Benchmark your spend

It offers full visibility of real-time data that helps identify cost savings, delivering long-term efficiencies in your end-to-end travel management.


Save money on every trip

By automatically searching for the best prices and most competitive rates on hotels and airfares, you can be sure you’ll always get a good deal.


Monitor your travelers

See in real time when your travelers are booking outside of policy, and get in touch by turning on targeted messages to help them make better choices.



Save money even after you book with Price Tracking

Planning your next trip? Gain valuable insights and find out how much you can save with our simple, web-based tool.


Track hotel and airfare prices

If a cheaper deal comes up after your hotels or airfares are booked, our business travel booking tool will automatically send an alert to our agents to cancel, rebook and alert the traveler without affecting their plans or experiences – saving your business money.


Carry out effective management reporting

Compare and benchmark performance, as well as highlight areas of success and improvement, with all your data and insights easily accessed in one integrated travel management system.


Stay on top of risk management

By giving you full visibility of your credit card and expense data, our business travel tool means you can control risks more effectively than ever before.



Stay in control when it comes to setting up travel arrangements by choosing which employees can book their own hotels and flights. You can then monitor all their bookings easily – and if necessary, take immediate action if they venture outside your travel policy.


Travel Bookings Made Easy

Make your own travel arrangements quickly and easily, anytime you want. Unlike consumer websites, your search results are filtered by your company’s travel policy – and because we’ll know where you are, we’ll be able to offer our assistance in an emergency.


Keeping employees productive

If your business travelers are spending less time organizing their trip, they’re spending more time working – which is good for your company. Our complimentary CWT To Go app syncs employees’ travel schedules with their business smartphone calendars, giving them crucial travel information when they need it, and making them more productive on the road.



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CWT Safety & Security 协助您的旅行者避免日常中断与危机,为您的企业将风险降至最低。




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