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October 2018


CWT Leisure: What is it about cruises?

Every year, new cruise liners are built and there is now a route and a ship, whatever the size, to suit each customer.

Yvonne Niebergall, Head of Leisure Travel at CWT, says: “I was recently asked about my favorite way of traveling. After wavering between by plane, train or car, I quickly realized that the best way to travel is on a cruise.

The great thing about cruises is that you wake up in a different port each day, usually even in a different country, and it gives you an idea of how Marco Polo must have felt. You can leave the ship and explore the country or island, just like sailors did in the old days. Sometimes the first impression of a country is so strong that you start planning the next, longer trip to the place you have just discovered.”

One very special cruise is an expedition to the Arctic or Antarctica. The eternal ice is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. The air smells crisp and clean and all you can see is white. The ships that sail there have to meet many regulations and are constantly controlled and optimized to ensure that they meet ecological requirements. The Norwegians have a long tradition with cruises of this kind, so it is hardly surprising that a new ship built by the Hurtigruten cruise company takes all aspects of environmental protection into account and even exceeds them in some areas to protect the fragile eco-system.

If you have any other questions about cruises, do not hesitate to ask our cruise experts at our CWT Leisure agencies.

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