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December 2018


Green gadgets

Clocking up air miles and burning the midnight oil as you toil on technology in your hotel room is not quite the stuff eco-heroes are made of. But there are ways for business travelers to go a bit greener, with these latest gadgets.

Be your own battery charger
The Matrix PowerWatch only needs one thing to work – your body heat. With features that include calorie and sleep tracking, plus a run mode for step counting, this thermoelectrically powered smart watch is a planet-kind way to stay fit when travelling. Its robust casing contains a 240x240 resolution, reflective monochrome display, and it is waterproof up to 50 meters. From USD 199.

FlexSafe with a solar back-up
Wherever we travel, for business or pleasure, we are constantly vigilant about whether it is safe or not to leave our mobile phones somewhere – it could be on a beach or on a table in a restaurant. AquaVault’s FlexSafe+ is a portable safe that protects your hand-held valuables. This mini safe has a motion alarm and it is slash and water resistant – and best of all, it comes with its own power bank and solar back-up, so you need never worry about the alarm failing because of empty batteries. USD 140.

Is it a bottle? Is it a book?
Often the simplest ideas are the best. The stylish, BPA-free, refillable Memobottle is book-sized, so it’s easy to pack beside your laptop or tablet. Two ocean-loving Australians’ intent on reducing the 75 billion gallons of bottled water consumed globally every year came up with the idea - and a crowd-funding project helped launch it. For every Memobottle bought, the company also provides someone with two-months’ access to clean water through

From EUR 22.

Source: CWT Connect Magazine 03-2018, Author: Sian Lewis

Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash

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