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December 2018


CWT AnswerIQ: An adaptive reporting tool

Artificial intelligence has many uses – and can now also be applied to evaluate travel data. The new adaptive reporting tool CWT AnswerIQ works much like a personal search engine that knows everything about the company’s travel program.

All travel managers have to do is enter their request in a search box. The tool then combs through all of the company’s travel data and provides them with a clear, visualized answer. For example, to find out how long in advance travelers book, simply enter it and the tool will supply the answer. The search box is linked to extensive research options in CWT’s vast databases. Users can prepare the findings in a clear, easy-to-understand way, create dashboards and share them with colleagues, thus improving effectiveness and saving time and money. The dashboard can also be adapted to personal preferences.

CWT AnswerIQ is based on the CWT AnalytIQs reporting tool. It provides an overview of travel data from the past three years, updated several times a day. It uses machine learning and AI-supported search algorithms that get smarter and more personalized the more they are used.

CWT customers can now try out the tool for 60 days free of charge. No additional installation is required. For more information, ask your CWT contact person.

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