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December 2018


CWT Leisure: Inspiring destinations in 2019

At the end of October, Lonely Planet published its “Best in Travel” list. The travel guide provides an outlook on the countries and cities that will be popular next year, and aims to inspire travelers to explore unknown territory.

According to Lonely Planet, the three most exciting destinations for the coming year are: 1. Sri Lanka, 2. Germany and 3. Zimbabwe.

The top three countries are a very interesting combination, and lower down the list are further unusual destinations, including Panama, Kyrgyzstan and Jordan.

The three cities at the top of the Lonely Planet list are also an unexpected mixture: 1. Copenhagen/Denmark, 2. Shenzhen/China, and 3. Novi Sad/Serbia.

We must have somehow suspected this, because Copenhagen is on the cover of the current issue of CWT Connect Magazine, which is all about sustainable traveling.

Copenhagen has been awarded the accolade of the best city to live in worldwide several times, mainly because of its cutting-edge architecture, many parks and green spaces and its clean harbor where you can even swim. Further highlights include a wide range of top restaurants that offer a perfect interpretation of the topic of sustainability.

Not to forget the excellent cycling paths and well-organized public transportation. The Danish capital is young, and at the same time steeped in history. It is a city that has everything you would expect to find in an international metropolis, and people who are happy to share their city with travelers from around the world.

Whether you want to visit the Little Mermaid, have an adventure in Zimbabwe or a holiday in Germany – we will get you there!

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