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December 2018


Event planning in 2019: Location matters

More and more, events are about offering participants an individual experience, according to the 2019 CWT Meetings & Events Future Trends Report. An important part of this experience is the location: An unorthodox, exclusive and innovative venue guarantees an exciting event that guests will remember. It seems that anything is possible in this respect, and there are no limits to the imagination.

Locations and catering: exclusive and creative
Instead of conventional conference rooms, the trend is towards state-of-the-art space concepts that offer participants a unique, inspiring experience. Event planners increasingly choose venues that are out of the ordinary, offer a sense of adventure and awaken delegates’ creativity.

But not only the event itself should be memorable; catering is also part of the experience. That’s why leading conference hotels frequently work with Michelin-starred chefs to offer event catering. Some have even opened their own outstanding restaurants to attract sophisticated customers and provide an exceptional culinary experience.

The more exclusive, the better. A location is particularly attractive if attendees would otherwise not be able to afford to stay there, or even have access to it.

Rising expectations and costs
The desire for an unusual location can make negotiations with venues more difficult and expensive.

Here are some tips to help you keep your costs under control:

  • Allow as long a lead time as possible. That way, you can benefit from a wide choice of locations and accompanying services.

  • Don’t tie yourself to holding the event in a major city. You can reduce your costs by choosing a smaller town. Extraordinary locations can often be found in places you are not familiar with!

  • Think carefully about where you want the emphasis to be – on catering, the program, or on something else? If you have a clearly defined focus, you are more likely to find the perfect location.

For more tips, trends and insights, see the 2019 CWT Meetings & Events Future Trends Report. Read the study online in English or download it as a PDF here.

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