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September 2018


Working wherever you like – with Avis Mobile Wi-Fi

You are on a business trip in Europe's most beautiful cities? Make the most of it and simply answer your emails wherever you like – in a street café in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower, in Regent's Park in London or perhaps sitting at the Piazza Navona in Rome.

Avis Mobile Wi-Fi allows you to add your own hot spot to your car rental. Of course, you can also use the handy device outside the vehicle and thus have the possibility to work at the most beautiful places, instead of in the hotel or conference room.

Your advantages:

  • Unlimited access to the web

  • No cables, discs or compatibility software

  • Simply switch on, connect and explore

  • Mobile unit allows users to stay connected in the car, hotel, or in business meetings

  • Total cost control – no roaming charges when travelling abroad

  • Connect up to five devices at any time (tablet, laptop, smartphone etc.)

  • Compact, portable design: the device may be taken out of the car, to the hotel, conference or business meeting – all with uninterrupted connectivity

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