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September 2018


You can only manage what can be measured: CWT Travel Consolidator gives you even more cost control

CWT Travel Consolidator is a new and complex analytics tool that allows travel managers to get a direct view of all costs and expenses incurred on business trips. The main difference now is that even hidden costs and bookings outside the preferred channels can be seen. The high-class web-based platform not only includes reservations (flights, hotels, rental cars etc.) made via the business travel service provider, but also combines data from credit cards, claims for travel expenses and HR systems.

This addresses a major demand: A survey by GBTA revealed that two thirds of travel managers say they do not have enough data at their fingertips to calculate the actual total cost of a trip. Roughly 60 percent admit that reconciling and cleaning data takes up too much of their time.

CWT Travel Consolidator consolidates, standardizes and cleans all of these data, saving travel managers considerable time and effort. They can now optimize the travel program even more efficiently because all of the data are available on one platform with adaptable dashboards and reporting functions. The system is therefore more transparent and enables savings of up to 7 percent of travel costs. For companies with large travel budgets, this can be a substantial amount.

Furthermore, the integrated data provide other valuable information on spending outside official channels, such as fees for laundry, meals, seat selection and other extra costs. The system allocates these costs directly to travelers and their respective business trips, so that they can be analyzed by trip, cost center, organizational structure and many other criteria.

Such large amounts of data now mean that the travel guidelines can be adapted even more precisely.

In the next issue of CWT Traveler we explain what else this powerful system can do.

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