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September 2018


CWT Leisure: Stars matter for stars

Robert de Niro was one of the first celebrities to try his hand at being a host when he opened The Greenwich Hotel in New York. He has since been joined by other colleagues from the world of film and music. Here are some hotels and restaurants run by stars:

The spectrum ranges from Sundance Mountain, a back-to-nature hotel at the heart of the forest run by Robert Redford to Gwinganna Health Retreat, an anti-stress resort in Australia belonging to Hugh Jackman. In Stockholm, ABBA fans can stay at Hotel Rival owned by ABBA legend Benny Andersson. Francis Ford Coppola even has a small hotel imperium, as you might expect from the director of the Godfather films. It includes establishments in Italy, Central and South America. Many stars decide to turn their passion into a project and open a restaurant or hotel.

A number of German actors and actresses also have their own restaurants and hotels: In 2017 the Barefoot Hotel in Timmendorfer Strand opened its doors and owner Til Schweiger cut the red ribbon. Actress Jessica Schwarz’s hotel Die Träumerei has added flair to the small town of Michelstadt in the Odenwald region.

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