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December 2018


Your top events at the me and all hotel mainz

When you arrive at the me and all hotel mainz, you want to start walking and feel the city. The way from the new Mainzer "Trigon" on Binger Schlag to the city is temptingly close. But not only the super central location is worth a visit, even our living-room evenings will end your evening perfectly.

Relaxed after-work parties, small fine living-room concerts in between, stand-up comedy, readings, DIY workshops, yoga and really good workouts. There is a lot going on in the me and all hotel mainz. We are also glad to be a cult place and stage for extraordinary events of artists from Mainz and the surrounding area. Come and see for yourself.

For having 60 murderously minutes with Jens Schumacher come over on December 9th and solve his Black Stories. You would rather relax? Then come to our chillout zone on 19th December for our wonderful yoga sessions of the Hatha Vinyasa Parampara Yoga School Mainz.

Our lounge is as unique as it is changeable. Welcome to your hood in Mainz.

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