New York, the city that never sleeps

It captivates, enthralls, and impresses: New York is still a favorite among metropolitan destinations. No matter the season, NYC is always an exciting, appealing, hectic, and lively place. Exploring the city by taxi gives you an immediate sense of the fast urban pace – even if you run into some traffic and get to eavesdrop on the driver cursing away.


But other modes of transport also have their charm: Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, for example, for a leisurely look at the Statue of Liberty as you pass by. You can even take a cable car to Roosevelt Island and then look back to enjoy great views of Manhattan. Unlike many other American cities, New York is also very easy to explore by foot, just roaming the streets.


Fans of shopping and good eating will of course find plenty to discover here, and if you’d like to get a real overview of the vast cityscape, just make your way up to one of the observation decks on the many skyscrapers and soak up the atmosphere from above.


No matter which means of transport or activity you choose: you are guaranteed not to get bored! For more tips on New York, see our topic archive
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