As of now the Neue Dorint GmbH is hotel partner of German Tennis Federation

From now on Neue Dorint GmbH is hotel and conference partner of the German Tennis Federation (GTF), the worlds biggest Tennis Federation gathering with the most members of all. In 2017 the Neue Dorint GmbH will be for the first time the host of a conference of the GTF that will take place at the Dorint Pallas Wiesbaden. Besides its central location in the middle of Wiesbaden, the hotel provides a great ballroom and also 13 conference rooms that guarantee a perfect atmosphere for successful events.


In addition the Neue Dorint GmbH will be in 2018 GTFs partner in the project „Germany plays Tennis!“, which is the annual season opening with more than 2.000 participating clubs. Furthermore beginning in 2018 the Neue Dorint GmbH supports the German Masters Series which is known as the most important national tournament series. As a result of the new cooperation between Neue Dorint GmbH and the GTF, the annual GTF organizers conference of the German Masters Series will also be hosted by one of the Dorint Hotels & Resorts.