Air Partner – Business Travel - Private flights or Scheduled flight

Are you looking to organise private jets or scheduled flights for senior management? When travelling for business frequently there are many benefits of opting to fly privately.


When you fly privately, you have the luxury of avoiding the long waits at airports, flight delays and even flight cancellations. When time is money, it is important to take these things into consideration.



When booking scheduled flights you often do not have the flexibility to book last minute or travel to harder to reach destinations. Private Jet offers you direct access to any destination when you need to be there with little notice.


If you have several managers travelling together, flying privately also allows passengers the ability to host in-flight meetings and work comfortably all the way to your end destination.


If you are looking for a reliable flight partner to help with your business travel requirements, speak to one of your CWT contacts or one of our dedicated account managers.