Get your India visa faster and cheaper with CIBTvisas

A while ago the Indian Government introduced certain e-visa options as alternatives to traditional visas. After overcoming initial risks and uncertainties, CIBTvisas now offers you the new India e-visa service.


The e-Business visa is particularly attractive, not least because visa consular fees are significantly lower compared with the costs of a traditional visa. Consular provider fees or shipping fees do not apply. The e-Business visa is a double entry visa and valid for a stay of up to 60 days. Two e-visas can be applied for per calendar year. E-visas are also available for tourists and for medical treatment.


Start your India e-visa application here, four days before departure at the latest, without giving your passport or other personal documents out of your hands.


Our e-visa expert team offers you this convenient way of obtaining visas also for other countries, including Australia, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.