Business travel trends: requirements for business hotels continue to rise

For a study commissioned by the German Travel Association (Deutscher ReiseVerband/DRV), a survey regarding business travel was conducted in spring 2017, involving 110 CEOs who regularly travel for business and 110 frequent business-travelling executives or specialists from organizations with over 250 employees.


85 percent of those surveyed reported that the security of their staff had the highest priority. Many of the organizations valued the support provided by professional business travel agencies, which gave their travelers optimal assistance in emergency situations through additional services such as tracking tools, emergency contact services or advice on behavior in crisis regions. Flexibility in case of rebooking or cancelation was also regarded as an important advantage according to respondents. Nine out of ten business travelers also stated that they preferred hotel rooms that enable them to work as efficient as if they were in their own offices. Their demands for required facilities were correspondingly high: a fast internet connection, a desk and a printer. Flexible check-in and check-out times were also a priority, particularly among the most frequent travelers.


More about other trends and information related to this survey is available on the website “Chefsache Business Travel” (German only).