CIBTvisas: Planning a trip to Saudi Arabia?

The Islamic kingdom is a country in transition and hits the headlines. The megacity dubbed Neom is being planned in the middle of desert sands, women will be allowed to attend sports events in stadiums, tourist visas are to be introduced … For business visits CIBTvisas already offers a comprehensive range of hands-on support services.


Most nationalities need a visa when travelling for business to Saudi Arabia. To apply for such a visa, many obstacles must be overcome. CIBTvisas has the required know-how and has further extended its range of services to ensure a smooth visa processing. Customers receive assistance with the payment of embassy/consular provider fees and must only appear in person to provide fingerprints and hand in the application. The CIBT Saudi Arabia experts stand ready to support customers at all times – also in obtaining a business invitation or confirmation from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. For additional information, click here.