LATAM Airlines presents a new gastronomy concept for long-haul flights in the Economy Class

LATAM Airlines introduces a new gastronomy concept for the Economy Class of its international long-haul flights lasting more than seven hours. Since the end of 2017, the new on-board menu has been available throughout the international route network. LATAM Airlines has created over 300 new dishes serving an average of 14,000 passengers on 64 flights per day. Thus, the traditional on-board catering is replaced by a selection of individual gourmet dishes. Larger portions are offered with 50 percent more content. The dishes come from the Latin American, international and vegetarian cuisine.


LATAM Airlines passengers have three options for lunch or dinner, including hot dishes, vegetarian options or cold alternatives, accompanied by a drink service and a sweet snack. Passengers can also choose between two breakfast options. When booking a meal, there are no additional costs for the travelers.


For the new on-board menu, 14 test flights were conducted to ask passengers about the overall flight experience. The new meal concept improved the average satisfaction by 28 percentage points compared to the previous on-board service of long-haul flights.