Brave new world of work

The world in which we work is changing rapidly, not least due to digitization: Many people now work from home, a train, a hotel lobby or a co-working space, and no longer – at least not exclusively – at their employer’s offices.


Sociologists call this “ubiquitous working.” The term also applies to classical office work. If duties no longer require centrally available devices, people can work almost anywhere. This is possible thanks to laptops, smartphones and software from the Internet, combined with the increasing availability of wi-fi.


Technology as a productive companion
Thanks to technology, we can now work anywhere at any time. Around 60 percent of interviewees in a survey by the German Economic Institute in Cologne said they worked outside the office several times a month in 2015 – at the client, from home, on the train or airplane, or in public places. “Business travelers can be so much more productive than even five years ago thanks to technology,” Simon Nowroz, Chief Marketing Officer at CWT, confirms during the presentation of the CWT Connected Traveler Study. “Now, they can login and work while on the plane or wherever they happen to be.” The study asked 1,900 business travelers worldwide about their working habits. According to the results, 80 percent are convinced they can boost their productivity by meaningfully combining work and travel.