CWT Tourism: Language study trips hone your skills!

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions and are keeping to them?


One particularly good resolution, not only at the beginning of the year, is to invest in your personal education. A language study trip is not just something for students and young people, but is also encouraged by many employers and even recognized as educational leave in many German states.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be England. As well as typical destinations for learning English like Great Britain, Ireland or Malta, other countries like South Africa and Canada have become more popular in recent times. You can also hone your business English in Australia and New Zealand and put your newly learned skills to the test on a round trip. If your English is already perfect and another language is currently more important for you and your business, talk to us. We also have great programs on offer for other languages. We can help you to find the right course in the right place so that you can turn your good resolutions for your further education into action!


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