CWT Tourism: Canada meets Berlin

Canada is the “Country in Focus” at the European Film Market (EFM) during the 68th Berlin International Film Festival from February 15 to 25, 2018.


No wonder that all eyes are on Canada – the whole country is a popular cinematic backdrop: Twilight, Titanic and Brokeback Mountain are just some of the many top films that owe their success in part to the country’s breathtaking scenery. The nature and cities in Canada are made for the movies.


Would you like to be where the action is and not stuck on the sidelines? Take a trip through Canada to experience the Indian Summer and maybe you will find your very own dream movie set.


Like Canada, CWT also celebrated a very special anniversary in 2017. To wrap up the anniversary year, we are holding a prize draw in March, which you can register for here.


And if you don’t manage to get to Canada this year, Berlin is always worth a visit.


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