Refusals of visa applications – small cause, large effect

The refusal of a visa application is annoying and costly – but unfortunately not uncommon.


The UK Government reported that 11% of visa applications submitted between April and September 2017 were refused. There are many different reasons for refusals, including incompletely filled forms, missing documents or an incorrect photo background.


Each consulate has its own rules and guidelines that are frequently changed. Small corrections in the application form that were previously accepted can now result in the application being refused. Especially applicants with a tight deadline should be aware that such refusal may force them to cancel the trip.


The CIBTvisas Pre-Check Service helps to avoid such mistakes und ensures a smooth process. An experienced visa specialist will review and check the documents to confirm that the application is ready to be submitted. If there is information that needs to be corrected or amended, the customer will be notified and provided further instructions. Learn more about the CIBTvisas Pre-Check Service.