CWT Price Tracking cuts costs on booked tickets

Airfares and hotel room rates fluctuate all the time, so how do you know you are still getting the best prices once bookings have been made? With CWT Price Tracking now launching in Europe, your company can achieve savings on already booked airline tickets and hotel reservations without any impact on the traveler experience.

Bookings are made as usual, but from that point on, CWT Price Tracking works behind the scenes 24/7, searching for cheaper prices on the same flights or in the same hotel based on your travel policy and set-up guidelines. If cheaper prices become available, CWT will rebook at that new price so that your company benefits from these additional saving opportunities.

CWT Price Tracking is already available to our customers in the US, who are experiencing savings of between 1-2% of total air and hotel spend on average as a result.

Please speak with your CWT Program Manager for further information on how your company can enroll in this new service.

Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash