Inside the airport: Frankfurt

There are many services for business travelers at airports. Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Vienna in particular have plenty to offer to make business travel more pleasant.

We are presenting these five airports in a mini-series. Today we will be taking a closer look at Frankfurt.

Arrive and depart in a limousine
“Door to Gate” is the name of the premium service offered by Frankfurt Airport: Passengers are picked up at their front door, hotel or office by a limousine and driven to the airport. Everything is taken care of, from check-in to luggage drop-off. After going through security check, they are even chauffeured to the gate. The same service is offered in reverse “Gate to Door”. Both services are available within an 80 km radius of the airport and for up to five people per tour. From 169 euros, bookable via

Working at the airport
Use the time at the airport to work in comfort: Passengers in Frankfurt can now do this around the clock in state-of-the-art Work&Connect areas with bistro-style working spaces and free WiFi. If their smartphone battery is empty and they have forgotten to bring a charging cable, that’s not a problem either: Various charging options are available from electrical sockets to USB connections and even inductive power stations. There are also printers. Many of these work zones have natural daylight. If you want to let your gaze wander in between, you can watch the comings and goings on the apron (Terminal 1 and 2 at almost all gates).

Sun salutation before take-off
Passengers can relax to gentle music in one of two fully-equipped yoga rooms. Yoga mats are ready in place for poses such as the cobra, fish or downward-facing dog! Videos are available that explain the exercises. The two rooms are open around the clock, so you can practice in the morning or use the time until your connecting flight. They are free to use (Room 1: Terminal 1, behind security control near gates C14-C16; room 2: Terminal 2, behind border control near gates D1-4).

Relax in style
The spacious VIP lounge area in Transit B is the perfect place to rest in style. Away from the busy gates, guests with the necessary means can spend the time before take-off in a 5-star ambience – in one of eight luxury suites with marble bathrooms, with a cocktail at the bar or a cigar in the exquisite smoking lounge, for example. They can satisfy their hunger with caviar, camel milk chocolate or a more down-to-earth, homemade lentil soup. A whole fleet of limousines is ready to take them to the gate. How about a Bentley Mulsanne?

Shopping made easy
To avoid the rush at the international hub of Frankfurt, travelers can now do their duty-free shopping online. This is ideal for all those with little time who want to surprise their loved ones with a small present. They can browse through the websites of the airport stores up to 90 days before departure, reserve goods and pick them up on the day they travel. If they have a ticket from Frankfurt Airport to a country in the EU, they can even have their duty-free shopping delivered to an address in Germany.

We will be presenting the airports in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Vienna in the coming weeks. If you missed our tips for Munich Airport, click here!

Source: CWT Connect Magazine 01/2018
Photo by GettyImages