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In early summer, we are drawn to nature with all it has to offer. It gives us a chance to take a deep breath of clean air and relax. The full splendor and diversity of nature can be experienced in botanical gardens around the globe. Whenever we talk about botanical gardens, we think of Mainau Island on Lake Constance, Cornwall in the south of England, or the magnificent plant world on Madeira. But gardens with exotic plants can be found all over the world – on Mauritius, in Singapore and even in Panama.

Some are world-famous, others are well-guarded secrets – ornamental gardens with flowers of luminous intensity, or medicinal herb gardens with beguiling scents. But all botanical gardens have one thing in common: They help to preserve the diversity not only of plants, but also of insects and animals. As a result, each plays a role in safeguarding the diversity of the planet, which is becoming increasingly important, and each has a story that is sometimes closely linked with international political events.

We look forward to receiving your travel requests, even if they are not botanical!

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Photo by Deva Darshan on Unsplash