The ICE Portal: keep up to speed while travelling

Where exactly is my train right now? Will I make my connection? What's happening in the outside world? The free ICE Portal is your information and entertainment service on ICE trains. It offers you exciting information and great entertainment during your trip on board our ICE trains.


Watch films and TV shows for free or take your pick from a great range of audiobooks and games. The City Journal is full of entertaining articles along with inspiration and tips for trips, located in the Reading Time and Travel & Discover sections, while Newsstand has the latest breaking news to keep you well informed.


The Travel Guide makes sure that you always have an overview of up-to-date information on your journey and connecting trains.


New in the ICE Portal: maxdome onboard – stream selected films and TV shows for free and without the need to register. This option offers you a selection, regularly changed, of 50 films, TV show episodes, documentaries, children's entertainment and other broadcasts that you can access in the ICE Portal using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.