SWISS Connect: now also on board the A330

Want to stay connected with family and friends? Or read the latest news online? With SWISS Connect you can enjoy relaxed Internet access above the clouds on long-haul flights – now available on the Airbus A330-300 as well as the Boeing 777-300ER.


The Wi-Fi connection is fast enough to download emails, check social media sites or simply surf online. Only the use of streaming or voice services is not recommended. Alongside chargeable Internet access, you can access information sites and the online travel guide free of charge. In addition, you can enjoy the air show free of charge on your Internet-enabled device.


The on-board connection starts at 10,000 feet. You can then buy your data package conveniently with your credit card.


On board, SWISS First passengers receive a SWISS Connect data package with 50 MB free of charge.