Welcome to the dedicated webpage CWT created to share our progress and insights with you.

At CWT, we create connections

Welcome to the dedicated CWT Splash webpage we created to share our progress and insights with you.

Every day, we help your travelers create connections by enabling them to get where they need to be to close a sale, build relationships and achieve their business objectives.

Our products and services help you create connections, too. During the past months, we’ve been busy expanding and improving existing offerings and launching new ones to strengthen your travel program and our ties with you.

This Splash highlights what we’ve been up to and the progress we’ve made toward our strategic goal of providing a seamless, personalized and integrated experience for you and your travelers.

If you would like to know more about any of the items on this page, please connect with your CWT representative.


Keep reading for an update on our recent activities, and attend our webinar to learn about what’s happening in our digital world. 



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Creating connected traveler experiences

CWT continues to progress toward delivering a consumer-grade traveler experience. We’re giving your travelers additional reasons, including more content and booking options, to stay connected to your travel program. We’re also improving processes and using technology to enhance the service they receive.


  • Price Tracking connects travelers and organizations with potential incremental savings on already booked flight and hotel reservations.
  • This helps you deliver more return on investment (ROI) to your travel program without disrupting travelers or affecting their plans. The traveler experience is the star of the show!
  • Originally launched in the U.S., Price Tracking’s global expansion efforts took a major leap forward in March. Today, the service is available in Europe, Latin America and North America on Amadeus, Apollo and Sabre.
  • We’re planning to expand into Asia-Pacific and add hotel integration with Galileo later this year.
  • Terms, conditions and some exclusions apply, so please consult your CWT representative for specifics.

  • We are building upon our successful pilot of mobile flight booking via CWT To Go™ by rolling out the service to more countries and clients. In fact, the travelers of nine clients are booking flights with our award-winning mobile app.
  • To facilitate a smooth experience for all, we created a process for adding new clients to this service. If you are interested, please talk to your CWT representative about the requirements.
  •  Country availability: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S.
  • We will continue to gather and use feedback from our clients and their travelers to refine, expand and enhance mobile flight booking


  • A chatbot named Reece and robotic process automation (RPA) are helping us connect the traveler experience dots and enhance service.
  • In October, we began pilot testing a chatbot/live chat hybrid that gives travelers a convenient way to connect with us through instant messaging apps they already use.
  • Chatbot Reece uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processes to respond to travelers’ requests and save them time. If Reece doesn’t understand a traveler’s query, the chat seamlessly transfers to a CWT travel counselor, who picks up the conversation from that point.
  • RPA helps us improve quality, accelerate processes and produce accurate, predictable results. It also accelerates onboarding time, enhancing the customer experience.

  • We continue to connect your travelers with the hotels they need by offering more content, better rates and appealing incentives.
  • The new RoomIt Rates program offers special rates that include amenities; it replaces CWT Value Rates.
  • CWT To Go and myCWT gained full RoomIt content, including third-party sources and RoomIt Rates.
  • Loyalty booster campaigns awarded travelers bonus loyalty points for booking hotel stays within their respective travel programs. Hotel attachment rates increased an average of 12 percent during the campaigns.

  • We are continuing to deploy our proprietary hotel platform for our travel counselors with great success--most recently in Colombia, Lithuania and Latvia.
  • We plan to roll it out in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Thailand later this year.
  • Our hotel platform benefits you and your travelers with:
    • Three times more content—that’s an additional 600,000 hotel properties—than the GDS, so you get the best value.
    • Immediate, effective information that helps your travelers make informed decisions quickly.

  • Launched in April, CWT Alerts notifications in myCWT make your travelers aware of trip-relevant events that may affect their travel plans, pose health threats, or increase safety and security risks.
  • These itinerary-based advisories help raise traveler awareness so that they are better able to manage or avoid potential trip disruptions.
  • In the first three weeks after launch, 42 percent of all trips accessed in myCWT had a corresponding active travel alert.
  • Of the travelers who clicked on an alert and provided feedback, nearly 64.5 percent said the information was helpful.



Connecting you with ROI

With a focus on your needs, we want to help you deliver return on investment and strengthen the connection between your travel program and your organization’s business objectives.




Here are four big reasons to connect with your travelers, travel arrangers and other stakeholders using CWT Program Messenger, our proprietary, automated email and text messaging tool.

  1. Relaunched in February with a new user interface and message library, it’s more intuitive and easier to use.

  2. Integration with CWT AnalytIQs gives you convenient access and robust reporting through a tool you’re already using.

  3. Recently expanded country and product availability provides a consistent solution across more markets.

  4. We’re upping the ante and adding value with a promotional offer for nonusers. Subscribe by Oct. 31 to receive your first three months free plus discounted pricing for a limited time. See your CWT representative for complete terms and conditions.

  • By continuing to expand our virtual payment offering, powered by Conferma, we’re giving you a way to connect your travelers with a payment solution.
  • Virtual payment also helps you to control costs, reduce fraud and improve reconciliation processes.
  • Here’s what’s new:
    • Offline options in two new countries.
    • Extra payment profiles in 11 existing markets.
    • CWT To Go capabilities are live in the U.K. Testing was successful or is in progress in 12 countries.


  • When flight delays, overbookings and cancellations happen, travelers may not realize they may be entitled to financial compensation.

  • CWT Solutions Group is teaming up with AirHelp to get airlines to show travelers the money! With this offer, you’ll say hello to a service that streamlines the claims process for your travelers, so they won’t need Jerry Maguire’s tenacity to pursue compensation.

  • AirHelp gives your travelers another reason to book through your company-preferred channels, and you get an easy, no cost way to make them happier.

  • CWT Travel Consolidator helps you uncover hidden costs, reveal new spending areas, find additional savings opportunities, and increase your spending visibility and control.
  • This new, web-based platform from CWT Solutions Group connects and integrates various data sources, including travel, expense, credit card and human resources.
  • It delivers significant ROI by putting the pieces of your travel and expense (T&E) puzzle together to reveal the cohesive story within your data.
  • You gain actionable insights, a more comprehensive picture of off-channel spending and a more precise assessment of what a trip really costs.


  • Agile development isn’t just a buzzword. It’s real methodology that works! • We’re using it to transform how we bring products and services to market.
  • Agile allows us to develop, test and deploy quickly. More importantly, it requires us to continually gather user feedback and build on the initial offering with frequent, ongoing releases.
  • One of the ways we’re putting this methodology into action is with myCWT. In the first quarter alone, we deployed 22 releases!




There’s no slowing down in 2018

Here’s a look at some of the great stuff we’re planning in the coming months.
  • We’ll wrap up product testing and start to roll out:
  • We’ll continue to add hotel content and value.

  • We’ll help your travelers stay informed with itinerary-based safety and security alerts on myCWT