Visa information and other travel documents

CWT have started a co-opeartion with Visumservice, a company specializing in visa services. Starting from 11 May 2015, all visa requisitions are made via Visumservice´s online system. The online system includes also a Visa guidelines, covering all countries. From this guide, the information can be comfortably sent to, for instance, your own email. In addition, the person applying for a visa will receive accurate information regarding the progress of the process.

The online portal of Visumservice can be accessed via CWT´s travel portal, from the section Viisumiohjeita/Visa information.


In all issues with respect to visa requisitions (advice, required documents, possible changes in a visa requisition already made), please, contact Visumservice:

Phone: +358 9 3489622, Email:

Office hours: Mon-Fri 8 am – 5 pm (outside office hours, the calls will be redirected to Visumservice´s duty service phone)


Your passport details:


When travelling to longhaul destinations your passport must be valid 3-6 months after trip. Please check the required validity of your passport from travel agency or embassy of your destination country before your trip.