Things to remember when booking travel services

We want that you can make your travel reservations in a fast and easy way. To make booking even easier we have created this list of things that are good to remember when booking, changing or cancelling travel services.

Different situations, different contact and booking methods:

  • Phone. If you need an answer immediately or are unsure about all information needed, please, just call us! All you need is the number of your own service team! By using it you can also reach our online support, and outside of our office hours also our 24 hrs service centre. The use of the 24 hrs service centre is chargeable.

  • E-mail. E-mail is a good way to contact us, when your reservation needs are all clear and you are happy with an answer from us in within our answering times.  

  • Online reservation tool is in place 24/7. Using it you can make your travel reservations in accordance with your organisation’s travel policy. Online tool is best suitable for simple point-to-point reservations.

What information do we need?

  • Based on the information in your traveler and/or travel arranger profile we check your rights to book travel services. Please, make sure that your profile information is always up-to-date, both from the point of view of payment information and travel comfort. It’s also useful to include your passport information into your profile, especially if you travel to destinations that require ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) travel approval (e.g. United Sates) or to destinations where passport information is required by the authorities prior to trip.

  • The minimum information needed for travel reservations is as follows:

  • The official name of the passenger, as it is in the passport. When you book travel arrangements from us, please, do always only use your official name.

  • Destination = where are you travelling to.

  • Departure date and time = when you wish to start your trip or reach the destination.   

  • Return date and time = when you want to start your journey back or when you want to be in your destination.

  • Please, also tell us if your travel dates are flexible and/or if your travel plans still are subject to possible changes. Do you travel with checked luggage or can we use prices that only include hand luggage? This information helps us when choosing the correct type of air fare for your trip.

  • In case your organization requires reference information (e.g. for needs of cost accounting) to be included in the reservation, please, tell also that at the time of making your reservation request to us. If you need more information on this, please, contact the person in charge of travel in your organization.

Important information about reservations

– We always make the reservations in accordance with your organization’s travel policy and the information in the traveler profile. In case there is no suitable option based on them, we will find you the best, appropriate alternative for your trip.  

– At the time of making the flight reservation we also check your need for other travel arrangements, e.g. accommodation and land transport.

– In case there are more than one possible travel arrangement choices that fit your needs, we send you a travel proposal by e-mail. When you have chosen the option you want, we book it and send you the e-ticket which is also to be regarded as confirmation of the trip.

– Unconfirmed reservations will be automatically cancelled at the date and time informed. The air fare is finally confirmed at the time of the ticket issuance.

– In case there is only one suitable travel arrangement option that fits your reservation request, we always send you the e-ticket together with information about change and cancelling options by e-mail.

– Please, always check the correctness of the reservation as soon as you receive the e-ticket.

– Please, use your tickets in the itinerary order shown on the ticket, beginning with the departure. If the tickets are not used in order or if there are unused segments, the tickets will be automatically invalidated and you will be unable to use the remaining segments.