Visa information and travel documents



A passport is the primary travel document used by Finnish citizens.

Always check with the authorities of your travel destination or the relevant travel regulations to ascertain what kind of passport you need and whether any other restrictions apply, such as requirements relating to passport expiry dates.


Check also IATA's travel documents requirements.


CWT recommends that passport should be valid at least 3 months after travelling inside Europe and 6 months outside of Europe.



Visumservice is the official Visa partner of CWT in the Nordics. Visa orders are placed by signing in to Visumservice portal. You can access to Visumservicen portal also from CWT's travel portal. The online system includes also a Visa guidelines, covering all countries. From this guide, the information can be comfortably sent to, for instance, your own email. In addition, the person applying for a visa will receive accurate information regarding the progress of the process.

In all issues with respect to visa requisitions (advice, required documents, possible changes in a visa requisition already made), please, contact Visumservice


Visumservice contact details:

Tel: +358 9 3489622


Office hours: Monday-friday 9am to 5pm (outside office hours, the calls will be redirected to Visumservice's duty service phone).