If you’re using Internet Explorer and experience any issues when trying to add or edit a Company News Article, please follow these instructions:




  1. Navigate to the new "News Editor" page/tab (visible only to Client Admins)
  2. You’ll find a Company News Portlet on that page. Click on the “gear” icon to access the news editor
  3. Choose to add or edit a Company News Article
  4. Create or edit your article
  5. Save your article – do not publish/select here
  6. Return to your Home page, and enter the news editor on the home page by clicking on the "gear" icon
  7. Click on "Selection"
  8. Find your article, highlight it and use the right arrow to select the article to view (if it's not already selected)
  9. You can change the order of the articles by using the up and down arrows
  10. Validate the new article is posted by returning to the Home page and reviewing the posted article




Please note: You should not experience any issues when using either Firefox or Chrome browsers when adding or editing a Company News Article from the Home page.